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Temporary Number Change!
Added 27 June 2013
It seems the Scrubious Pips at Cable & Wireless have been scratching their noses too hard and caused a major problem with our local Antiguan telephone number!  But don't worry, we have plenty more you can reach us on.  Our local Antigua...
Moving Money to Suit You!
Added 27 June 2013
One of the important factors frequently overlooked by overseas property buyers is the true cost of your purchase. Exchange rate fluctuations can make a significant difference in the price of your property by the time you reach completion. Payme...
Great Expectations - Renting your Property
Added 27 June 2013
How do they do it?  Is it worth it?   What’s the damage?  There are many points and ‘issues’ which need to be seriously considered when loaning your property in exchange for a few dollars.   The pros and con...
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We are very proud that HAWKSWOODWI features in pages of major international publications, both printed and online. Here's just a handful of those appearances:

Hawkswood WI In The Media
New York Times' Great Homes & Destinations

New York TimesA growing number of Europeans are scouting real estate on the Caribbean island of Antigua, lured by its legendary 365 beaches and the explosion of upscale properties that have come on the market in recent years...

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Antigua NiceDo you imagine owning your own home in the Caribbean? Are you just about to search the real estate pages to see what suits your budget? Before you embark on a holiday romance with property, here are some tips and hints to keep in mind when considering buying in Antigua and the surrounding islands of the Caribbean...

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Caribbean Homes

Caribbean HomesNavigate your way through the Caribbean's emerging property market: Foreign property investors find the ideal tool to explore development opportunities in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is fast becoming a recognised force in global emerging property markets for buyers and investors from far-reaching parts of the world. Even though markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom are currently feeling the effects of serious financial restriction, it would appear this has not had a dampening effect on the high-end investor.

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Featured Properties

Price on Request
Outstanding Location. Situated on undoubtedly one of the most prime positions available, the very top of Reeds Point over looks the Caribbean sea and a variety of white sandy beaches of outstanding beauty.
Saint Lucia
Price on Request
Supremely luxurious residences, positioned in one of the most stunning natural settings in the world. These elegant villas are nestled amongst stunning vistas and the beauty of the rain forest, yet on the waters of the Caribbean sea, and at the foot of the Pitons, a Unesco World Heritage Site.
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