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Temporary Number Change!
Added 27 June 2013
It seems the Scrubious Pips at Cable & Wireless have been scratching their noses too hard and caused a major problem with our local Antiguan telephone number!  But don't worry, we have plenty more you can reach us on.  Our local Antigua...
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Added 27 June 2013
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Great Expectations - Renting your Property
Added 27 June 2013
How do they do it?  Is it worth it?   What’s the damage?  There are many points and ‘issues’ which need to be seriously considered when loaning your property in exchange for a few dollars.   The pros and con...
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Property and land developments are on the increase in the beautiful island country of Antigua and Barbuda.

With the present economic climate, and whilst some owners are still hanging on to their original prices pre-September 2008, others have given the present day buyers a significant opportunity to capitalise on bargains. Personal circumstances with individuals and developers around the Caribbean play an ever-increasing part in the pricing of property and land, and as a result the variety of purchase opportunity has increased.

There is now a noteworthy and remarkable choice for anyone wishing to buy making comparables for averaging prices increasingly difficult.

English Harbour & Falmouth Harbour
English Harbour & Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Both English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are the more historic residential districts on Antigua. Offering a wide variety of choice, the properties here vary from distinguished hillside traditional houses to the more modernised individual styles.

Pockets of the area offer privacy and exclusivity with spectacular views reaching over the sea. A small community of permanent residents support various local and international activities, the chief being Antigua Sailing Week when the whole region bustles with energetic socialising and business action. Traditionally properties fetch slightly higher prices than in other regions in Antigua but with the current climate of supply and demand fighting with the economic situation, generalisation on prices becomes more difficult.

Historically English Harbour was the home to the British Navy during the turbulent years of the late 18th century under the command of a young Admiral Horatio Nelson. The site of Nelson's Dock Yard is now restored after its abandonment in 1889 and is a designated National Park. Here visitors can see the only Georgian dockyard in the world and enjoy picturesque old buildings, now preserved and shown as a museum.

Jolly Harbour
Jolly Harbour, Antigua

An established development of water front houses, the Jolly Harbour development comprises choice, variety and opportunity for the investor, holiday home seeker and opportunist.

Easily accessible by foot from a home in Jolly Harbour is a seat by the beach bar on one of the most picturesque beaches in Antigua. Here you can buy the cocktail of your choice and enjoy the best spot on the island for watching the sun set.

The original 370 acre development has been offering beach front opportunities and homes with their own moorings where you can moor your own 50ft yacht, for a number of years. Most of the buyers a few years ago saw their investment double and in some cases triple in value before the fallout of the economic crises in September 2008. Since then prices have dropped and the choice of purchasing in Jolly Harbour has increased. However, most of the houses are now modernised in a huge variety of styles, offering a wide scope of alternative designs. Not all the houses are the same and viewing of the interiors is highly recommended before dismissing the houses as too similar.

Not only have most houses altered their interiors, some with three bedrooms, some with exquisite flooring, but the water side of the properties have changed too. A number of villa owners have put extended decking over the water giving an enormous amount of extra outside living area and some have put in boat lifts whilst others have stayed with extended finger piers (pontoons) for 40-50ft yachts or just left their villa with nothing, offering scope for renovation by a new buyer.

The Jolly Harbour estate sits off one of the best beaches in Antigua, and is surrounded by:

The development as a whole has evolved into a user friendly facility for both holiday makers and permanent residents who reside happily along side one another. For properties available directly to us at Hawkswood WI, take a look at the property listings.
Nonsuch Bay
Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

Just 20 minutes away from the bars and restaurants of English Harbour and 40 minutes from St John's and the VC Bird International Airport, NonSuch Bay is situated on the East side of the island and is considered one of the 'best-kept secrets' of the island. The bay is embraced by the surrounding hills and protected from the open sea by a large reef, creating a uniquely private, serene and exclusive setting.

The developers say the homes are inspired by Georgian colonial styles however we feel more in keeping with its idea of pure symmetry. The high ceilings of the homes and large wraparound verandas and particularly conducive to Caribbean living and the enjoyment of the views and fresh warm breeze which all the home owners benefit from.

NonSuch Bay offers a variety of residential possibilities, including apartments, waterfront villas, beach-front cottages and plots for individual standing villas. These are spread throughout the 16 hectares in various locations – on the water, in the hills and atop sea-vista cliffs. This gives NonSuch Bay an atmosphere of diversity, individuality and true community.

Building density is low and special attention has been paid to maximising the space and privacy of every home. All the residential areas are enhanced by a unique combination of temperate and tropical landscaping.

Sailing in Antigua

Sailing plays a major role with those who visit Antigua and Barbuda. With an international reputation for ideal sailing conditions, opportunities on the water often go hand in hand with those investing in this island.

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week are two of the major sailing regattas, now known the world over both in and out of the sailing fraternity. The island boasts an exquisite coastline perfect for the sport and prides herself on hosting this prestigious event. Properties on the coastline, especially those with or close to a mooring, will always be at a premium.

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta usually starts around the middle of April, when hand built yachts from the late 19th century right up to the 1960s and between 10 and 40 metres in length, grace the coastline offering a spectacular vision and photographer's dream. Antigua Sailing Week then continues with races on different days for between 250 and 300 yachts giving the island prominent exposure and renewed growth opportunities every year.

Rental bookings during this time are always at a peak and the need for more housing gives a solid foundation upon which to ensure your investment is safe.


ICC Cricket World Cup WI 2007 was hosted by a number of Caribbean islands and has heightened commercial interest in the region. The significant increase in visitors allowed islands to show off their beautiful locations, beaches and the spectacular scenery and nature. With accommodation at a premium for major events hosted by the Caribbean nations, visitors have been encouraged and there is now a renewed interest in building and development investment on the islands.

Information for Investors

The Caribbean currently offers incredible investment opportunities for land and capital investment developers. Several islands are keen to attract foreign investment and, with the current saturation and overdevelopment of some European property markets, the time has never been better for fresh opportunities in a booming new market further afield.

Facts & Figures

Location Leeward Islands, Eastern Caribbean
Capital St Johns
Size 108 sq miles
Population 71,000
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar / US Dollar
Airports VC Bird International, Antigua / Codrington Airport, Barbuda
What's Popular? Antigua Sailing Week and Classic Yacht Regatta, Carnival
Links Official Tourism Website