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Temporary Number Change!
Added 27 June 2013
It seems the Scrubious Pips at Cable & Wireless have been scratching their noses too hard and caused a major problem with our local Antiguan telephone number!  But don't worry, we have plenty more you can reach us on.  Our local Antigua...
Moving Money to Suit You!
Added 27 June 2013
One of the important factors frequently overlooked by overseas property buyers is the true cost of your purchase. Exchange rate fluctuations can make a significant difference in the price of your property by the time you reach completion. Payme...
Great Expectations - Renting your Property
Added 27 June 2013
How do they do it?  Is it worth it?   What’s the damage?  There are many points and ‘issues’ which need to be seriously considered when loaning your property in exchange for a few dollars.   The pros and con...
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Great Expectations - Renting your Property

How do they do it?  Is it worth it?   What’s the damage?  There are many points and ‘issues’ which need to be seriously considered when loaning your property in exchange for a few dollars.   The pros and cons of the rental market are worth more than a quick thought. 

There are typically two main reasons for renting: offsetting cost and making use of your villa.  Even if you don’t break even, offsetting costs can still help significantly with general expenses.    If your property is mortgaged, there are formulas that can help gauge its rental viability.  Properties that stand empty for long periods of time incur problems.  Toilets need flushing to stop stagnant water, windows need opening to avoid damp and mildew, taps need occasionally flushing through, etc.  It is worth thinking beyond the quick dollar return.  Although some homeowners rely on it for cash flow, if not considered properly the long term impact may not be as profitable as first thought.

As with all services, from your builder to your local car mechanic, the success of your rental arrangement relies on the customer’s expectations!

Most holidaymakers in the middle price bracket can only holiday in the Caribbean annually, if at all.  They arrive excited, tired, and with heightened expectations.  Some have saved very hard for the previous 11 months.  Most, from uber efficient Europe or America, arrive in the Caribbean still in the ‘mental stress zone’.  Worse still, some stay in that zone for quite a while.  Sometimes it is two or three days before they stop jumping at every car horn, or panicking at the sight of a cow in the road, until they finally unwind.

So for these people to suddenly discover a kitchen knob coming off, a curtain hanging lose,  even a sheet not properly ironed,  means their holiday is not starting well.  Then they may be on the lookout for more problems.  It pays to think things through properly.

Without the help of an efficient, trusting and reliable agent to help you through the hurdle, you may end up with more trouble than it’s worth.   Successful and profitable renting relies on smooth working relationships, with upfront costs, invoices and rental figures.   And expectations explained and stuck to.

The majority of agents/managers typically charge between 10 - 20%.  Their tasks and promises vary and it is worth knowing how.   Wild promises of over-exuberant efficiency invariably lead to disappointment.  Make sure you know what you can realistically expect from your manager or agent and be realistic yourself!

As a simple example, a property that is not lived in, nor visited for most of the year may just incur extra charges for odd repairs when a client is in situ.  It would be unrealistic if you were not to expect that.   Conversely, it is unrealistic for an agent, or even a friend, to randomly charge a homeowner for something without forewarning.   

Consider this is a seasonal business.

Work out your running costs for the average number your house accommodates, including allowances for things like air-conditioning use.  Even your best friend may use your a/c all day and all night, leaving windows and doors open! Furniture will suffer from sun tan oil, sand may get into the plumbing system or pool, etc.

Allow for general maintenance.  After a year the inside might need repainting and furniture may need recovering or even replaci

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